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Ansar-Ud-Deen College, Isolo, founded 1953, is a lively and warm community where boys and girls are made welcome from the time of their arrival. It is a school where academic and technical excellence are encouraged and one in which students are able to develop their interests and talents in all areas. The students are proud of their school and value its unique character.

Science & Technology


On any given day a number of computers may be in use at our school, these include desktops, laptops, servers and hand-held computers.We have a broadband Internet connection, and a broad range of specialized peripherals and software installations. Our students as part of the Computer Science subject related activities are encouraged to be aware of components that make up the schools IT systems. We look forward to the day when our future alumni will be at the forefront of component design, manufacture and build in Nigeria to satisfy local and export led demand.

We have well adequate Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) Laboratory for our students to carry out different science experiment to improve their Knowledge and Skills. This is the best way to improve the standard of Education in Nigeria and Africa.



An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. We have participated in so many sport competition in Lagos state, and throughout Nationwide. Competitions like: GTB Master Cup, and many other Competitions in Nigeria .

Social Curriculum


They enjoy and appreciate many opportunities to take responsibility within the school community and contribute to its future development. By the time they leave us to take up their places at leading universities in this country and overseas, they are confident, articulate and independent. They are capable of thinking for themselves and are able to demonstrate a critical awareness of the world outside that which they are about to enter. They have a clear set of moral values and a sense of their own worth whilst being appreciative of that of others. They are the leading citizens of the future and are well-prepared and keen to take on this role and all that it involves.


Curriculum summary Individual achievement lies at the heart of our wide-ranging curriculum; we offer a balanced and varied range of subjects to ensure that each student’s potential can be discovered and developed to the highest level. Pupils are given the opportunity to learn in a wide range of contexts, through problem solving, researching, working collaboratively and developing thinking and study skills as well as practical tasks.  Excellence underpins every aspect of school life and great emphasis is placed on strong subject teaching. The success of this ethos is demonstrated by our improving pass rates at Junior Secondary School (JSS) year 3 and Senior Secondary School (SSS) year 3 results.


JSS Stage – In JSS1 to JSS3 the timetable covers Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Agricultural Science, Business Studies, computer Studies, Civic Education, French Language, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Yoruba Language, Home Economics, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Quranic Recitation. A choice of Football, Rugby, Cricket, Table Tennis and Field/Track Athletics.


SSS Stage – The curriculum has been designed to provide a strong foundation for further education and flexibility of future choices.  Pupils usually take from a choice twenty subject options in total, the compulsory subjects being English and Mathematics, Yoruba and Languages, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  Optional subjects include Visual Arts, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Islamic Studies, Agricultural Science. Geography, Arabic Language, Financial Accounting, Literature in English, Quranic Recitation and Government.

Strong teaching provision is supported by the school’s developing facilities and pupils are encouraged to question and think independently; to make use of the growing library to optimum advantage and use IT as a constructive tool.  Within this supportive framework of academic guidance and close pastoral care, the pupils visibly grow in confidence and look forward to new challenges and responsibilities.

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Our Boards

Our Boards

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PTA(Parents Teachers Association)

Two principals aim of the parent’s association[pa]: to widen the social community of the school community of the school,

providing a greater sense of belonging for our children, and secondly, to raise funds which the PA distribute equally within the school.
A Committee is elected each year at the PT Annual General Meeting to which all parents of the school are welcome.

There is no fixed number of members on the Committee, the committee has three permanent post: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. During the course of the year each of these posts are shadowed by another committee member who is next in line to take over the post.
The  principal of ADC Isolo is Vice Chair. The Head of the Junior Secondary Schools and one of the Senior School’s Departmental Heads are committee members.
There is one Executive and one General meeting each term. The General meetings are made up of the parent members of the PT.

The Executive meetings are made up of the parent members plus the staff members.     



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